Where We Work

Where We Work

The Alliance for African Assistance currently operates two international offices in the United Kingdom, and Northern Uganda. Our programs in these regions aim to promote community development, literacy, self-sufficiency, health education, and disease prevention.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Alliance for African Assistances’ mission is to help empower, and educate refugee and immigrants. Alliance (UK) is an independent body with close relationship to its sister organizations in Uganda, and San Diego (USA). The Organization also works with a series of partner organizations, with objectives similar to our own both locally and internationally.

Our Work

Our work focuses on unlocking potential of disadvantage people, helping them find job that utilizes their talent and ensuring their socio-economic well-being is catered for in a sustainable way, guiding and empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency, inclusiveness and opportunity for all. The programs carried out by the organization can be broadly categorized under a ‘6-point program of action’ as follows:

  1. Employment Support: Helping people find job that utilizes their skills and talent.
  2. Education &Training: helping people to acquire or develops new or improve on existing skill & knowledge that enhance their career prospect and employability.
  3. Capacity building: designs to develop and empower the individual, community groups’ organizational capacity, provide consultation, aimed at promoting accountability & transparency.
  4. DAM (Dance & Arts Music) promotion: promoting and empowering local artist group, exposing young & hidden talent.
  5. Health Promotion: ensuring health living, designed to increase awareness, encourage use of preventive measure and improving access to services.
  6. Community Regeneration & Sustainable Development by promoting well-being, safety, facilitating integration and encouraging involvement & participation.
  7. HIV/AIDS Education: Providing resources and information to the community.

How we achieved/meet this: - Policy Lobbying & Campaign - Project - Conducting Training - Advocacy & guidance - Event organization & - Contracts.


For over 20 year, the region in Northern Uganda has been entangled in a brutal war. Over the course of this conflict, many atrocities were committed against the civilian population such as abductions, mutilations, torture, sexual violence, and killings. It is estimated that over 20,000 children were abducted into the ranks as child soldiers, and over 1.6 million have been forced to flee from their homes. This prolonged conflict has had a devastating effect on the Acholi population. There is a lot of work required to assisting the community as they begin to rebuild and heal from the traumas incurred during the war. It is Alliances’ commitment to foster programs to help in this process.

Adult Literacy Program

Alliance for African Assistance has discovered that illiteracy is one of the biggest contributors to poverty in Uganda. The Adult Literacy Program has been designed to help illiterate adults learn to read and write in order to build greater self-reliance.

Child Scholarship Program

The Child Scholarship Program (CSP) works primarily in rural areas to assist children with completing their education by providing tuition fees, basic scholastic materials, and supportive visits to children's schools and homes. CSP partners with children and families in the Northern Districts of Uganda.


Awareness and Reproductive Health: This particular program is meant for the youth, young adults and women of childbearing age. This program is passed to the communities through campaign by the youth to the adult HIV/AIDS and these include things like drama, film shows, essay competitions, radio talk shows and distribution of posters. HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of many people especially in Uganda. Thousands of children are left orphans and others positive.