About Child Scholarship & Career Readiness

Child Scholarship & Career Readiness


Alliance for African Assistance is working to make a hopeful change in the lives of Ugandan children with our Child Sponsorship Program. For 23 years, northern Uganda had been traumatized by a vicious war that caused brutal acts of violence and injustice to be taken against the Ugandan people, the Acholi tribe in particular. Through years of conflict, many children have been abducted, orphaned, and separated from their families leaving opportunities for education and financial success incredibly difficult.

The Child Scholarship Program addresses issues of poverty and injustice by pairing children in Uganda with academic sponsors who empower them to transform their lives through education to create a hopeful future. For just $35/month, you can change a child's life by becoming an academic sponsor and covering the cost of a child's tuition, school supplies, and school unforms.

Also based in northern Uganda, the Career Readiness Program aims to provide these children with a plan for advancing their schooling towards a vocational or post-secondary education through workshops, guidance, assessments, mentors, and incentives. We currently provide career readiness workshops in 21 different primary and secondary schools throughout northern Uganda.

To learn more, please reach out to our Child Scholarship Program Coordinator at or (619) 286-9052 x 247.