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Hospital in Northern Uganda

Date: April 25, 2021
Location: Atiak, Uganda
Contact Information: simin
Event Details:
 The Alliance for African Assistance is excited to share with you our hospital project. Several years ago, we opened a branch office in Northern Uganda, near Atiak, where our founder, Walter Lam, grew up. The people of Atiak conducted a series of Community Needs Assessment meetings in 2015, and found their most pressing need was for a hospital. The community donated the land, and asked the Uganda Alliance to build and operate the hospital. We agreed to fund it, and after 2 years of construction, the 200-bed hospital will begin treating patients in early 2020. Medical equipment is being provided by a Rotary International Foundation Grant obtained by The San Diego Rotary Club and ten other Rotary Clubs in San Diego.
Northern Uganda has an extremely high infant and maternal mortality rate. Mortality for children under five is also high due to pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. There are more than one million South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda, with two major refugee camps in the area near Atiak.
When the Alliance provided the funds to build the hospital, it used its reserve income from resettling refugees in San Diego. Since then, the number of refugees entering the U.S. has been dramatically reduced. So the Alliance needs your help to insure that the hospital is able to serve all of the people. Donors who were already aware of the hospital have already given generously. It is our hope that the release of this video about the hospital will lead you to donate as well. God Bless you every one!