Alliance for African Assistance

Welcoming Intern

Posted: 05.31.16
Contact Information: Joanna Oboza
Volunteer Description:

 The Welcoming Intern will prepare for new refugee family’s arrivals to San Diego. This will include apartment preparations, coordinating airport pickups, and greeting families at the airport.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate with case managers about the date and time a family will be arriving to San Diego
  • Conduct shopping for family’s apartment
  • Conduct a home visit before the family’s arrival to ensure that the apartment meets city codes, is safe, and that no repairs are needed
  • Conduct additional home visit after the family has arrived to ensure family has all the supplies and furniture necessary
  • Greet family at airport as a AAA representative
  • Update case manager about the family’s arrival, living conditions, and whether additional follow up is necessary

 Skills Needed:

·         Driver’s license, car insurance, and own car

·         Willing to use own car for transporting clients or to drive to clients’ homes

·         Bilingual preferred (Arabic, Farsi, French, Swahili)

·         Willing to go to airport in the evening (from 5-11 pm)

·         Culturally competent

·         Flexible 



Send your resume to along with a document answering the following questions:

1.       What about your skill set makes you a good fit for the position you are applying for?

2.       Why do you want to work with refugees?

3.       What are three things you strongly believe in?


Maximum length to answer all three questions = ½ page.