Alliance for African Assistance

Grants Intern

Posted: 05.31.16
Contact Information: Joanna Oboza
Volunteer Description:

 The grants intern will research potential grants for the Resettlement Department at AAA. When grants are identified, the intern will provide a summary of the deadlines, objectives, and proposal guidelines to the program supervisor.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Research potential grants that the Resettlement Department at AAA can apply for
  • Prepare a summary of the grant to the program supervisor, which includes: deadlines for submission, proposal guidelines, and grant objectives.
  • Provide assistance to program supervisor in collecting information for grant submission, such as agency mission statement, financial records, and program summaries
  • Keep track of grant submissions, status of application, and outcome of application

 Skills Needed:

·         Excellent written English

·         Well organized and able to keep track of deadlines

·         Able to work under pressure with fast turnaround rates for preparing materials

·         Experience in working in a non-profit setting

·         Grant writing experience preferred



Send your resume to along with a document answering the following questions:

1.       What about your skill set makes you a good fit for the position you are applying for?

2.       Why do you want to work with refugees?

3.       What are three things you strongly believe in?


Maximum length to answer all three questions = ½ page.