About Wilson-Fish Program

Wilson-Fish Program



 The Wilson-Fish (WF) program is an alternative to traditional state administered refugee resettlement programs for providing assistance (cash and medical) and social services to refugees.

The purposes of the WF program are to:

·         Increase refugee prospects for early employment and self-sufficiency

·         Promote coordination among voluntary resettlement agencies and service providers

·         Ensure that refugee assistance programs exist in every state where refugees are resettled

The WF program emphasizes early employment and economic self-sufficiency by integrating *cash assistance, case management, and employment services and by incorporating innovative strategies for the provision of *cash assistance.

*Cash Assistance:

The Refugee Transitional Maintenance is cash assistance provided to eligible Refugees, Asylees and Parolees enrolled in the Wilson/Fish Project. This funding is available for 8 months after initial arrival into the United States and is conditional based on meeting requirements in the Wilson Fish Program. RTM levels are equal to Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) levels set by the state.