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Translation and Interpretation Services


Alliance for African Assistance provides low-cost oral interpretation and written translation services in more than 85 languages to the San Diego Community. As a proud member of the California Healthcare Interpreting Association, Alliance for African Assistance is committed to ensuring accurate and professional interpretations. Our interpreters and translators are highly trained and experienced and are held to strict standards of confidentiality. A number of our interpreters have gone through an extensive Medical Training Program funded by the Women’s Foundation and all interpreters are committed to seeking ongoing training. A commitment to confidentiality and the protection of sensitive client information is a required condition of employment with the Alliance for African Assistance Language & Cultural Solutions Program. Our clients include hospitals, police forces, government agencies, clinics, schools, and various social service providers throughout San Diego County.

Schedule an interpreter today!  Interpreters are available seven days a week (including after hours) in over 85 languages. You can find a list of available languages in the Languages Tab on the right. Don’t see your language listed? Ask us about it and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Oral Interpretation. Hourly charge determined by scale and complexity and requires a one hour minimum appointment.

Written Translation. Per word charge, depending on language and complexity, with a minimum per document charge of $20. Quality assurance requirements, timeline, technology, and formatting may require additional charge. Please call for a courtesy consultation.

This program is  subject to review and/or audit at the discretion of designated government personnel. All records are made available upon request within the guidelines and parameters of HIPPA.

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